Friday, August 28, 2009

Race dude...... B&W...

Another one paged comic, about some racing dude who think that he's car is the fastest, maybe i'll make some more about this race dude comics.... hmm....... anyway, to make it more interesting, down here are some process of the artwork, you need to click the picture to enlarge it, enjoy..!

- Right from the scanner machine, sketches already outlined but need more modification.

- Setting some brightness & contrast, but still need some clean up.

- Outlined boxes, and some clean up.

- Put some grey & black tone, background, boxes for wording & some text art.

- texting the characters, and good to go.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Passion about motorsports, either cars or bikes, both are common with men, so i try to do some comics about cars, down here are some of 1 paged comic, maybe you need to click to enlarge the picture, originally made was in bahasa malaysia but i've translate it in english so it will be more international, heh.....enjoy...

Coloring the outline

Color.... that's why people say color your life, because color make things other than black & white, hehehehe.... but still you need to know what is the good color, not saying that i'm good in coloring (still learning) , but when your artwork have some colored finishing, it will not look cheap, anyway here are some colored artwork, but i used to color in computer (Photoshop) because i'm not good at hand coloring, hope the colored artwork colored you life... heh.. enjoy..!

this one is my vector art with colored, enjoy...